Form with Multiple Steps in Bricks Builder

How can i build a popup Form with multiple steps in bricks builder, i done it on other builder, and was easy. here is the example of what i want to get done on one of the websites im building. please let me know if is posible now or is something that is not posible and it will nice to implement it on bricks

some one has an idea hot to get this done,

Hi Luis,
sorry for the late reply.

To achieve a multi-step form, you’ll have to use a form plugin that supports this feature. The Bricks Form is meant as a simple contact form without all those fancy things that may be possible with a dedicated form plugin. There are already a couple of form plugins, that provide these features.

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I used a free plugin JetFormBuilder inserting the form through the shortcode

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thank you. I know I was able to do this multistep form in elementor, but now that im in bricks i found out that i can’t, what a sad moment it will be a great integration do to, if you think about it when a customer visits whats to contact is more interactive having a multistep form the when you see the for and all the stuff you have to fill out alot of times customer dont like. I try to avoid installing to many plugin do to it can get out of control, but thank you TIMMSE AND ROSTYSLAV for the time taking and sujesting the plugin. for sure if i find a why to do it whitout a plugin i will share it

I agree with you @AxEngine, E.pros form is super easy to use. I also liked the Piotnets form for Ele, as it used the same elementor builder controls and canvas but with more features.

I currently use their standalone ‘one size fits all’ form builder for Bricks and I have also tried FFP, but again, it’s a one-size-fits-all solution that is never the best, and I find them buggy.

But all hope is not lost…with a bit of patience, time and votes, we can get it included; I have already added it to the ideas board. Make sure to give it a :+1:


so, you are currently using poitnets form for all your projects, and how it works with bricks, does it supports well, and do you know if i can create custom review for to display in the front end, so customer can fill them up and they go into draft mode and goes true review and then be able to post
\ and yes i have included my bote to builder ideas

It all depends really. If I dont need any special functionality then Bricks as it is native and super easy to use. If I need some functionality such as conditions or multi-step which is not yet currently supported then I will use Piotnet or Fluent Forms.

I have had an issue with both forms interfering with Bricks, As mentioned before, these forms are generalist (them and plugin agnostic) and not specialist (3rd party form developed purely for Bricks). And because of this they all have to create thier own clunky (imo) UI form builder.

In terms of support however both brilliant.

My apologies, I cant quite understand, could you try to reword it and I can hopefully let you know if the feature you are looking for is supported.

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Just upvoted this! Thank you for creating a ideea there @Michael

Hi @AxEngine
i think with Piotnet Form it should be possible. I already tried some stuff with it.
You just need to put shortcode and add some CSS for Styling if needed. And it work fine for now and my needs. I did multiple Forms for CPT submission.

In your review case:
i’m not sure if pending is possible but you could achieve this also via custom taxonomy.
like on form submitting (taxonomy / unvisible or pending) and if you want to make it to true review so change in the backend the taxonomy (form pending to visible) or whatever

This is the way i would go if Pending is not possible

Best Greetz