Form Custom Code

Hey fellow Bricks Builders,

I have a question about adding custom code to the form element. This:

I want to learn how to use custom code when I use the form, but I can’t understand how this works. I read the first sentence and I already don’t understand. This:
“The custom action will allow you to hook into the action bricks/form/custom_action and run your custom code.”

My questions:

  • Where can I find “bricks/form/custom_action”
  • Where can I add code to run after I submit the form with the custom action?
  • Does anyone have a good tutorial that I can follow to understand how this works?
  • Or does anyone have some sample code that does something really small like print something to the console?

Hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance!


You need to add the custom action function in a code snippet or in functions.php file.

Also, have a look here