Force Builder to Rerender

Hey all; I am working on a script to allow people to write in html and css, and have it build items out in Bricks Builder.

The html, and inline css works great but trying to figure out how to support classes over.

Essentially I have an ajax call that gets the globalClasses from get_option(‘bricks_global_classes’) does stuff and updates bricks_global_classes.

I know the classes are saved in the database correctly. However I am trying to update the iframe preview. I haven’t found for the life of me, where or how to force the vue app to refresh the iframe. Accessing the app.config.globalProperties.$_pasteElements for the html elements was easy enough.

I have tried forceRender, I have tried refreshing the iframe itself, which breaks because I am guessing there is some sort of token that needs to be passed.

forceRender = – There is a watcher that checks at what time period to render. By setting the value to the current time, the rendering will be triggered. At least that’s what I was able to find out.