For bricks team

Hi bricks team,

I have been coming to bricks from Elementor for a few months now, and bricks are really powerful and excellent in every way. You bricks team really pay attention to the needs of your community and this is more important than anything else.
But the thing that is common between Elementor and bricks is that they don’t pay attention to small and very simple features.
I fully understand that your updates are based on community requests. But please provide space to collect small requests from users. I will give an example…

The product review element has just been published. But there is no option to customize the submit button. In this element, many things are needed for styling that do not exist at the moment. These items are only limited to simple options such as padding, border, background color and these items…

This is the case in many other elements, even in the Mini cart element, where the color of the cart and checkout buttons is controlled in an integrated manner.

Please don’t forget the small requests. It might be easier to handle these requests if you separate them from other feature requests in the forum (as a suggestion).

Thanks to the great bricks team


I would suggest to think about learning CSS. No Builder will ever serve all customization, you will ever find anything that isn’t adjustable in the editor. Learning CSS isn’t really a big thing, but you can fix all the things you mentioned with a really small piece of code, really no big art.

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