Flex query loop - container sizing issue on non base breakpoints

Bricks Version: 1.3.7-Beta
Browser: Chrome 96 /Firefox Dev
OS: Win

  1. On the back-end of the site, I have a post loop setup with flex to show 2 columns(40% to accommodate spacing) at the base break-point. https://prntscr.com/26cilw1
  2. Switching to mobile break-point, and change the percentage to 100%, and it does not reflect a single column as expected, but reverts to 3 columns. https://prntscr.com/26cimdd

Front end displays the same as the back-end.

I just wanted to open a ticket. I have similar issue.
I have a container with two columns nad the left column have 2 rows. When I have on not base breakpoint, the two rows takes 100% width.

@matejmohar Gee, that’s what I want to happen on mine. 2 columns on base, and 1 column on Mobile. Standard reduction in columns so they fit.

You definitely don’t want what happend on my test page :slight_smile: . The columns didn’t break correctly as intended, but just override one another. Too bad that I already delited 3.6.7 beta version, so I can not give the screenshot anymore. Maybe I will set up it again and I will give more info.