First page on bricks - Villuti Studio

Hey. This is our first page with Briks:

Making this page we found some bugs with the size images on different sizes of screen with Bricks, and the developers are working on it.

For now, it´s a fast web, but when those bugs are solved, we expect more speed.

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I dont have these problems with bricks, also getting perfect mobile and desktop scores even on image heavy sites, but it’s a matter of properly sizing your images and their respective containers, mobile and desktop. Also you might try using Optimole for image optimization. A few suggestions, you might want to either clear your lightspeed cache or change the settings, as the lightspeed cache seems to be loading some unnecessary css and javascript code that is hurting your pagespeed scores, and you have a jpg that is not webp,. Also your time to first byte is a bit slow…!

Thanks! I’ll change some things to improve te page