First live site built on bricks

Glad my first site was built on Bricks, switched from elementor, will you guys check and give some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Looks great! And fast! Well done.

Nice, well done.

If I may ask, how did you made the image comparison. Is there a widget in Bricks?

Hi @Patrick & Vincent
The image comparison is the element “Before/After Image” of the Bricksable for Bricks Builder Plugin. The flipboxes here on the front page are from Bricksable, too.

The page looks quite good at a ultrawide screen because everything is boxed.
At the product page the anchor of the first category “Vape Cartridges” isn’t set correctly.
The breadcumbs have some strange names. Which plugin do you use for this? I coded a nearly finished “Breadcrumb” element and will share the code soon. You can see it e.g. here (look at the footer, too): Dark theme - Bricks Flexmods - maybe you @vincentczb want to test it?

I just looked a bit in your source code (you can access it easily even when right click is disabled :wink:).
You have there e.g. <meta name="Generator" content="Drupal 8 ("> - did you just copied old code?
The NitroPack makes the site ultimate fast. Do you have a paid subscription?


Hi Flex, thanks&happy new year!

Which page you said is set incorrectly? I can not find it. As for the breadcrumbs, I am using SEOPRESS

As for Drupal, I’m using a security plugin, so it modifies the CMD version :joy: Not sure if this will affect SEO?

It’ this one, Bricksable for Bricks Builder Plugin

And I am using nitropack paid subscription

A happy new year, too!

When you go to the Product page and you click on “Vape Cartidges”:

the blue banner you see in the screenshot moves out of the view port. However when you click one of the others the blue strip is right on the top of the window.

Breadcrumbs are incorrectly at the following (couldn’t find more): Cannabis Oil Vape Products Wholesale - EGreensVape - Vape Supplier
image and all category archives, like Wholesale Vape Pen Batteries - EGreensVape - Vape Supplier

accessed from image

I don’t think the Drupal thing has any effect - I was just wondering.

Do you have any special deal at NitroPack? Because they are quite expensive (more than my average hosting costs per website).

Thank you Flex, will have a look at those things.

I noticed the breadcrumbs things on the products archive page, but i have no idea to fix it yet, will check again and try to get it solved.

Nitropack seems rises the price, I paid around $180 for one year. It really helps the speed, but I don’t think I will renew it this year. Will try to use litespeed since I switch to Bricks.

Thank you again!

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