First Directory Website with Bricks


Finally finished a simple Directory website
Plugins used:
ACF free
WP Grid Builder, just for the filters

Please let me know what you think and what is needed to improve


For example you should do nlp search option, so I can really find any GPTs i like, good example is you can type for example “google sheet automatization” and you will get a lot of relevant results, it should not be a problem to implement something like that. I think making search relevant is important because to many GPTs today…

That is a good idea, not sure yet how to tackle this since I’m already using Grid Builder

Done, that was a good idea.

if someone is interested in how grid builder supports relevanssi as a search engine and I used the free one.


you can use Ajax Search Pro for that:

Ajax Search Pro has “Smart Autocomplete & Suggestions”:

Built-in multi source autocomplete and keyword suggestions engine.
Use google, post titles, tags, categories or any other taxonomy terms as sources.

I use it as a search bar above the WPGridbuilder facets.

By the way, they have now a Black Friday deal: Lifetime for 19$.



Thank you for the suggestion
I do have Ajax search pro (codecanyon), but I didn’t know that I could mix between search plugins and second I’m not really a fan of its configuration kind of all over the place from the last time I used it.

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Yeah, I know what you mean.

Their configuration seems like from 1985…

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