Filter Everything, CPTs, ACFs, WooCommerce adaptation

Hi guys

I’m trying to filter some CPTs and ACFs like the Bricks built in WooCommerce products filter.
I’ve come across the Filter Everything plugin and it was (or seemed) easy to implement but I’m not getting it to fully work.
The filter shows but it doesn’t update the results, it displays always the same posts as I change the filter options.

My steps:
I’ve created a Template (Type: Archive) and assign it to Archive → Post Type > My CPT in the conditions.
I have a left column with the sidebar and the “Filters Block” and a right column with the loop of the posts.

I think I’ve tried everything, I’m now out of ideas.
Any thoughts?

I’m almost installing WooCommerce and “assign” my custom CPTs (nothing to do with products) as products - is this crazy? Can I add custom categories and create different templates according to my CPTs?

Thanks a lot

I have the paid version of filter everything working successfully, you have to change the what to filter and select which query option that works. The caveat is you need to make a different filter set for each archive page, (ie, post archive, tax term 1 archive, tax term 2 archive, etc) as each archive page had a slightly different set up on the query loop that isn’t compatible with filter everything pro. I had the developer look at it and he couldn’t figure out a workaround. Aside from that on setup, the actual front end filtering works great. If you have questions or want me to walk through it, let me know.

Thanks for the feedback, @Mundy!
I wouldn’t mind having to make one set for each archive.
My problem seems to be different, I guess. In the front end, the filter is showing, we can click on the options, the results are echoed in the page as text (in the filters container): “1 result found”, “2 results found”, etc, and the URL is updated as I change my filters. But the actual results of the posts showed in the loop (in the other container) don´t update.

It is as if the query loop isn’t connected with the filter. For instance, I have a CPT named “Cities” and in it I have an ACF of “Activities” and another of “Restaurants”. I’ve created a Template (type: Archive): Archive-Cities and I’ve put the filter with the corresponding 2 fields in a left container and the Cities posts loop in another in the right.
If I click “Lisbon” in the filter, it updates the URL but the posts loop keeps showing all of them. It never updates.

Does it seem ok like this?
How do you create an Archive to show the posts with the filter?


I’m not at my computer so I can’t show you everything. But here are a couple things I can point out. This is what I have for settings on the filter set.

The what to filter is where you might need to make sure you try more than one thing. Also, if you’re trying to use Ajax enabled, I created a class on the loop container in Bricks that I could just add in filter settings. But probably don’t play with Ajax until it is working.
This is my structure in Bricks if it helps.

Here is the link to my archive page.

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Hey, Mundy
Thanks for the quick feedback!

I’ve been all day around this. I tried some new approaches from your feedback but still not working.
The filter (on CPT “formacao”) is showing and is clickable but it doesn’t update the selected options, even if they show on the URL, as you can see from the images. And the filter knows about the options selected but it doesn’t pass them to the results.
I don’t know what I’m missing.

I have the free version, I can’t chose “Pages” in where to apply the filters but I have a feeling that isn’t the problem.
I’ve tried the filter in Gutenberg and it works.
I also tried AJAX on & off but nothing. And with it “off”, the url is updated, so I guess the problem doesn’t came from there.

Now, in Bricks, I was trying to make a second set on Posts and the Filter doesn’t even show. Something is off here.
It’s very frustrating.

It is because of being the free version. In Bricks, it is isn’t the standard query so you need to be able to select a different query in the what to filter. I had this same problem when I tried it on free. As soon as i bought pro and changed that setting, it all worked just fine. So, yeah, you need the PRO version for it to work.

Hi, @Mundy!

This is a little out of the current discussion. How did you achieve your megamenu on the staging URL here? I’m a newbie to Bricks and currently looking for an easy-to-use megamenu method without an additional plugin.

Im just using interactions, you can check the academy for details on it or checkout YouTube for some examples. But basically, I have it set in the interactions when the mouse enters the “all products“ button, it starts animation and shows the menu element I built in Bricks. Then I have set interaction for mouse leave to hide the element. Hope that helps!

Awesome! Oh, yes! That was what I guessed too but only asked to be sure. Does that have any negative impact on SEO? Since the menu content is set to hide and only reveal on mouse hover.

PS: Sorry @ridesirat for taking over your thread lol.

To be honest, I don’t know. Sorry

Haa, ok. Although it’s not the best of news, at least the problem is “solved”.
By the way… just to be sure… you mean with one or more queries, right?
You never make the free version to work in Bricks, even with one query…?

No problem :slight_smile: Everybody doesn’t sometimes.
By the way… if the content is in the DOM (not display: none), I think is SEO detectable.

Correct, the free version only works with main query, I could not get it to work with Bricks as it merges a custom query with it. From the description on, it is designed that way for page builder compatibility to be a paid feature.

ok, makes sense
Thanks for all the help!
By the way… are you satisfied with Filter Everything Pro or do you advice another one?

Yeah, I’ve been satisfied with the finished product on the front end. Overall, was straightforward to work on, only hiccup is needing to make a filter set for every category archive term. So like on the staging site now, I need to make about 25 filter sets, so once I’ve got the settings right on the first one, I need to repeat the process for each term. And that you can’t use infinite scroll with it, but that seems problematic in many scenarios outside of just this plugin. Otherwise, yeah, for the price on one time licence, I think it pairs nice with Bricks.

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The h1 tag on the page does not change in the Seo rules, everything seems to be spelled out. Has anyone encountered this problem?