Filter Bricks Builder Loop with WP Grid Builder Facets


I am trying to use WP Grid Builder to filter the Bricks Builder elements.
It works according to this tutorial: Filter Custom Queries - Gridbuilder ᵂᴾ

I am using a loop container. You can see the result here: Bricks #28121 | modusX

Unfortunately, the filter does not work. I have already talked to WP Grid Builder support. Here is the answer from Support:
“So, the filtering works fine.
But, your builder does not render some content with Ajax. … I just sent a message to the Bricks team to see what we can do together.
But for the dynamic tags, it seems to be coming from Bricks, because in this case, WP Grid Builder just renders the page again (but with Ajax).
I assume dynamic tags are disabled or undeclared in Bricks in the admin/ajax.
You can use a grid from WP Grid Builder instead or not use dynamic tags.”

Is there any way I can use the filter feature?

I have also asked in the Facebook community: unfortunately no one can help me: Bricks Community | Facebook


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Is there any solution?

@timmse can you help me? thanks

@stabilo Does this help in any way? Using WPGridBuilder Facets with Bricks’ Query Loop – BricksLabs


Thank you :saluting_face:! Thats exactly the way i tryed. But i will try again :slight_smile: Seems it should work :thinking:

Tried again according to the instructions and it works now! Thanks a lot for sharing @omega

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