Feedback sought: Client wanting updated design, selling tickets for local off-site training courses


I’d love some feedback as I design a new client website in Bricks Builder. This is my first time seeking feedback in this forum, so please be kind. :wink: :sweat_smile:

Project context: The client is an arm of a local union which focuses on training in telecommunications specialities (mostly fiber optic and cabling courses which are FOA certified). They simply want a site that showcases the courses they offer and allows for an Events list which will also also users to purchase their tickets.

What’s left to do:

  • Need to add photos to the specific courses (using Course CPT)
  • Need to tweak some sizing and spacing parameters
  • Written content additions needed in some areas
  • Last big phase: Need to implement dynamic purchase buttons to their PayPal account with the amount pre-filled based on the users membership level (there are three tiers of pricing)
  • Needs testing on many devices sizes and testing of full functionality when complete.

Please let me know what you like and what you don’t like or any suggestions you have for improving it further and I’ll do my best to consider it within the budgeted time for the project. :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!!

It’s built using mostly built-in functionality in Bricks Builder along with the Dynamic Table element from the BricksExtras plugin. Also using Fluent Forms for the forms for logging in, registering, and more.

Don’t know if it gets better when the images are added, but now the text over the whole page width is too long. It isn’t inviting to read.

I may have asked for feedback prematurely :innocent: haha. I suspect it’ll get better when all the images are added and such too, especially on the Courses page and individual course pages as well. I appreciate the comment, and I’ll try to update here when the images are done being added. I agree, it’s a lot of text for sure.

Yes I think too that it’s better to complete the page first with the images. Sometimes one has an introduction text on top without image. In this cases I use the css below. You can try it. Copy the code into the css of the text element and you will get two columns that will look much better.

  column-count: 2;
  column-gap: 50px;
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