{Feature Request} Enhancing Workflow: A Dedicated Tab for Bricks CSS Box

Full Size High Definition Mockup can be seen here: https://snipboard.io/hOv5op.jpg

Kevin Geary made a great suggestion on his live stream today. The proposal is to create a dedicated tab for Bricks CSS Box. Now that the native CSS Box has become so powerful and flexible, I will be writing all my CSS there instead of WPCodeBox. It makes sense to have quick access through a dedicated tab where the CSS Box is right under the CSS tab as the first item, eliminating the need for scrolling. As part of this change, we can also relocate the CSS Filters and Transition input fields. This change includes a mockup for reference of how these changes would look.


Yes please. I submitted this idea over a year ago when I spent much time scrolling down to find the css box. Clicking once is much faster and less work than scrolling and visually scanning for the css box.

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I agree a direct Tab with the ID or Class selected to edit is a useful idea.

Yes please, Thomas as this is very important.

i agree, and also propose to have the css tab in the second place, not in the third:

content | css | style

I strongly agree with that. That would be great.

Not sure I agree with that order myself. Having custom css as the last tab makes most sense to me.

to me, it makes sense because the more you are comfortable with css, the less you use the style tab. that panel should be the emergency last resort help for when you forgot how to set a background color.
it is and will remain extremely useful, extremely handy, but an option to have as the last tab may be nice. just an option, for who wants to move it a little out. maxime will help us :smile:

Or you can use something like Advanced Themer which makes working with CSS much easier.

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I agree, the less we have scroll, the better…

I agree. This will make the workflow much faster.

Agree. A CSS/SCSS first based builder is the way forward. Advanced Themer has improved the UI in leaps and bounds.