Feature request: Animate on scroll

I would like to request new feature: animate on scroll.

This is not basic “Intro & Outro” animation.

Check this video out to see what I mean:


Interesting stuff. If that’s at all possible without slowing the page speed/score down (the speed is why I switched to Bricks in the first place) it’d be great. But I fear that the more of those pretty features gets added, the slower those pages will be.

However, the decision should remain up to the designer if he wants to insert these effects at the cost of speed. He can also not insert them. The scripts should then also not be loaded.

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It is very possible nowadays to load CSS/JS only if needed.
It can be done whether through PHP, or through JavaScript

I agree with this effect. Divi and Elementor have this. Hope Bricks will add this too.


Totally agree! Add it to the ideas board so it has a chance of getting on the roadmap!


Let’s take a look GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) to create even better scroll motion animation.

Divi already available child theme that utilize GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP).


Does anyone testet this one? : https://motion.page/
On their page stand that it working on bricks…

I have it, but haven’t tried it yet :smiley: A far as I know, this is “layer” over the theme, so it should work with every builder.

Then try it for us :upside_down_face: :grin:
There is also Animate on Scroll?
Is it with shortcode??

I tried, it’s working perfectly :smiley: But I don’t know how to work with it, so I can’t help you with that features are supported and what not.

It works outside of Bricks builder, it opens new page, kinda like new “builder”


I will take a look at the documentation. Maybe it is a cool solution for some things.

Motion.page is great and detail but it is better if Bricks have motion effect built-in.

All website under my control is using Elementor.
Elementor cost hike anger many people, and moving to Bricks means more cost since I need to pay to Motion.page to get motion effect done.

Not only Elementor & Divi have motion effect,… now Brizy 2.4 also has motion effect: