Feature request: Allowing @ and : in attributes (for AlpineJS and PetieVue)

I wanted to use some Petite Vue syntax and need to set attributes with @click or v-on:click.
Currently, the “@” and the “:” symbol are stripped from attribute names (Bricks 1.5.0/1). BTW the same is true for Alpine JS.

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yes. this would be great. struggled with this limitation in oxygen before

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Kindly refer to SOLVED: Is there a way to add AlpineJS directive attributes? - #4 by itchycode

This only partially solves the issue. It allows me to whitelist some attributes through modify a filter ment for title. I am uncertain if this wouldn’t introduce unintended problems. Is there a reason this general filter is used on attributes?

I still can’t use {{count}} in any text field as it also gets stripped only <div v-effect="$el.textContent = count"></div> are shown. I guess it is duo to Bricks using the {…} for its own commands. I should probably check not to strip double brackets. I am trying to forgoe it by using custom delimiters… let’s see.

Update: using a custom delimiter works. Not ideal but a workaround until this becomes easier and Bricks doesn’t strip {{…}} style notation.

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I’d really like to see these to fixes in Bricks:

  • Allow more data-attributes names (see above) and not sanitize them so heavily.
  • Be less greedy in scanning for it’s own variables in text fields. Meaning, it should not match {{whatever}} only its own {whatever}.

I am uncertain if this is too much to ask, but these seam like little fixes, but they would enable a whole world of reactivity and libraries.

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I would like to see this resolved in the next update. Hopefully the developers take a look on it.