Excrept and Featured Image option add into Bricks Editor

Hi @timmse !

It would be very important and useful to add Excrept valuse and featured image value from default wordpress features.

Now we are editing out pages in Bricks Builder, but when / if want to use Featured image or Excrept features, we have to quit from Bricks go to default wordpress gutenberg editor and add these. After save and go back to Bricks.

I think it is very useful and powerfull feature if add example the page options > General tab.

Of course, the real thing would be if we used an already existing function of Wordpress, rather than something separate. Thus, compatibility and interoperability would be complete.


Hey @simplecreative,

you can easily insert things like the featured image or the post excerpt using Dynamic Data.

In case of the excerpt there is also a native element available:

CleanShot 2023-07-04 at 08.41.55@2x



I think I was misunderstood. I am aware that the featured image (already loaded) can be called up dynamically in the Bricks editor, just as I am also aware that there is an excrept element.

Featured image ASSOCIATION is not resolved within the Bricks editor.

2.) The Excerpt solution is not good in this form, as it is now available in the Bricks editor. Because there are many cases when we fill it in, but we don’t necessarily use it, we call it dynamically only in rare cases.

Currently, the featured image can only be called up dynamically in the Bricks editor, but it is not possible to set such an image. To do this, you need to go back to the Gutenberg editor and set it there.

Same problem with Excerpt. If I use the Bricks Editor Excprt element, it will definitely appear on the page. However, if this was also integrated into e.g. the page options > General section, then I could enter the text here and it would only dynamically call up on another page if I need it!

Was this resolved for you in a later update?

I think, no. :frowning:
But I have to check it. (I mad alternative solution for it.

What solution did you use?