Enhancement: Video Element

I noticed that the video element by Bricks now has the option to turn off suggested videos after the video ends. That is great!

Now, I have some feedback to polish this element.

  1. Add Video Thumbnail:
  • As I read an article before. It says the site won’t fully load the source of the YT video until we play the video. So, in other words, the site won’t slow down because of the video.
  1. View the video in a lightbox mode.
    It would be good if we could play the video in a lightbox mode and be able to set the max size for the video to play in the lightbox mode.

I hope to see the suggested options added to the video element soon.
It would be great when it’s available natively.

Let’s make Bricks better together.


Brilliant suggestions @jornes :+1: I was thinking about mentioning the first one too 1 the second suggestions is great too :slight_smile:


Hi @Michael

It’s been a long time.

Thanks! If you have an idea about the video element, feel free to comment. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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For number 1, I use this little shortcode to add thumbnail and prevent youtube loading until click: Defer loading of YouTube player · GitHub

But you have to tweak it, not very polished.

Or you have the Rolls Royce of video shortcodes by Matthias Altmann: Matthias Altmann • Code Snippet: GDPR compliant YouTube Videos
It even caches thumbnails!

I so wish this could be integrated in Bricks element :pray:


If Bricks team add one option in one or two months there will be no need to buy premium player after 7 or 8 months.

Calls to action:
Display calls to action in video player before, during or after the video being played to take the viewers to the next step

Muted Autoplay:
Capture visitors attention and make your videos irresistible with muted autoplay.

YouTube Subscription Bar
To Get more subscribers to YouTube channel with a dedicated subscription bar that will display under each video.

Video Chapters
To easily navigate to specific parts with video chapters.

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It would be nice to see more options added to the video element. Specifically I’d like to see the “dnt” option available. ( Do Not Track )
If I use embed codes then I can add that option but not, currently, if I use the Video element.
( This is for Vimeo but expect it applies to youtube as well )

Hello, what video player is this please? It sounds awesome.

“Presto player” best WordPress video player