Enhanced Form Flexibility - Independent Input Fields

In the latest 1.9.6 update of Bricksbuilder, the introduction of independent filters was a significant step forward. I propose we take this a step further by applying the same principle to input fields. By making each input field – be it text, radio, select, or any form element – independent, akin to the new filters, we open up versatile possibilities.

The idea is to treat every input field as an independent widget, much like the newly introduced filters. Alongside this, we could have a central ‘form nested element’ where any combination of these form elements can be integrated.

This approach will revolutionize form creation within Bricksbuilder, allowing for truly bespoke and feature-rich forms. Moreover, it will enable the connection of complete forms to query loops for advanced filtering. Just as importantly, each input can function autonomously, not confined to being part of a form nested element, mirroring the flexibility seen in the 1.9.6 filters.


Exactly. It is better to call it nestable form. If I’m not mistaken, bricks forge already has this feature. It would be great if this great feature comes to bricks.