Enhance Query Loop - Order by

It would be awesome if we could order by a query with more than one selection.

For example I would like to order a query with a custom field “Year” and “Title”.

And another thing is it would be great to be able to order by a taxonomy field.


Wow actually shocked that Bricks doesn’t support this already. Definitely need the ability to stack ordering of fields

Another example is if you want to show featured items first by date and then the rest of items by date.

The current work around is an ugly hack where you actually have to repeat the query loop multiple times.

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[+1] for this! So useful to be able to order by multiple criterias.

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Big plus 1 for this!

My vote stays here, too :sunglasses: The more flexibility there is in the query settings, the better.

Latest update 1.6.2 Changelog:

Anyone have an opportunity to test it out? I’d love to see your website integration results!