Editor's hook/events/api

As a developer that wants to extend Bricks, I’m expecting API to: read & write the data on state management used by bricks’ editor.

Also, the hook/events to attach our listener when some event happened on Bricks’ editor. This package should be a good hint for it @wordpress/hooks - npm (npmjs.com)

I happy with how is the PHP side of Bricks is flexible and easier to extend, but it’s a different story with the front end of the Bricks’ editor. There is minimal info on hook/API on how to extend the Bricks’ editor to follow our workflow standard.

At the current state, I can “Create Your Own Elements – Bricks Academy (bricksbuilder.io)”, but is it only the thing to extend Bricks?

I want to extend the Bricks’ editor to a higher level, as how Recoda.me - Re-love coding does on Oxygen.

Thank you very much.


I would love to see what 3rd parties can offer to bricks.

I personally really need something like Plain Classes to Bricks.

It will make the class edition way more convenient for people who are using utility classes (ACSS, Winden, custom)…

I understand that it’s not a priority for the builder itself but I would love to see 3rd parties add it.

Try plaster plugin.


Someone has requested the native version of plain classes for Bricks Builder by emailing the support team, which CC-ed me. And the response is, the team has added it to their development backlog.

I would like to see this thread request taken into the development backlog as well for more wide and more general usage for the 3rd-party developer can be used to extend the Bricks editor with more flexibility.

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That’s great news !
Hope to see the ability to write multiple classes at once and make it easy to change.

Yes, plain classes is needed. And maybe it will be cool to also define a list of “reserved classes”. So all tailwind utility classes (or ACSS) cannot be modified inside bricks.

Plaster looks nice ! Hope to see it working with Winden and/or Tailwind.