Editor Permissions

Hey, all,
I am trying to allow for my client to edit background images on their website, which was built using Bricks. Currently I have their Builder Access set to Edit Content and their WordPress user account role set as Editor. So, the client can update certain content via the Bricks editor (such as Headings, Text, Images that use the tag, etc…) but they cannot change anything that utilizes a background-image style, which is a substantial portion of their home page.

Is there a way to allow for this functionality? I would like the client to be able to change the background-image of certain elements if they would like to, otherwise I need to give them Full Access, which could get messy.

Thank you!

I’m a new-to-bricks user as well, and running up against questions like this myself. It’s great that they’ve created the Bricks ‘Editor’ role but I really find myself wanting more fine-grained control of the editor access abilities.

The only thing I can think of right now to help you out would be to create custom fields for these pages with Advanced Custom Fields, and then feed that data into Bricks. The obvious downside is then the client would need to navigate between two views to update content: the Page/Post edit screen and the Bricks builder.

It may be a hammer to crack a nut, but BricksForge offers fine-grain control of the user permissions.

I don’t think it answers your use-case, but for others who arrive here, AdvanceThemer also has some basic but helpful settings for editor control. Max is very responsive on FB - and may have some ideas as to how it’s done, giving he’s done similar.