"Edit Content" Builder Access -> Background Images

I think that users that have “Edit Content” permissions in builder access, should be able to update background images (my clients have needed to ask me to do this type of simple update regularly).

Do you agree?

Hmm. May be we need something granular like Oxygen.

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Yes, although Oxygen has done this pretty poorly in my opinion.

I usually want users to be able to update text, images and background images only.

In Oxygen, you can’t enable images and background images independently, without allowing a whole lot more (such as the advanced tab).

Why don’t using ACF for updating the background image? So you save the work as your client wont turn the site into a mess. You can avoid unnecessary fixing works.

@jornes They might not want to use another plugin.

@bricksrun I think we need to be able to modify the granular access like this.

1) Allow user to be selected for granular control. Right now you select user role. It’s not much a bummer though but you might wanna restrict your client even if he demands Administrator account. Some of my clients do and I can’t do anything about it.

2) Can re-arrange elements or not. Right now you can re-arrange items from structure panel even with limited access. It might be a bug though.

3) Some specific settings from advanced tab like background images for you.

I think this much will suffice?


and all images too (in Oxygen).

I guess I could setup ACF for every image and background image, but it is a lot of extra work.

And I think this would be more confusing for the user, because the text would be editable in the builder and images editable in the page that shows the ACF field. It is a lot to think about (every page has content across 2 screens) for a layman website owner. So I would end up making every single element ACF, including text, to ensure it is all on one page and easier to understand (my clients are mostly non-techies)

It would be much easier and quicker and to be able to tick a box in the client control settings.