Dynamically adding default classes to the div, block container and section

Something came across my mind today.

It would be great if builder adds those default classes (by the builder) to the frontend when we have preset on the theme style setting only.

For example (default),
<section class="brxe-section">
<div class="brxe-container">
<div class="brxe-block">
<div class="brxe-div">

Those classes will be added by default even if I don’t have preset style in the theme styles.

I wish that I could have a cleaner html output like this if I don’t do the preset for something in theme styles.

When we don’t have any presets in the theme style, the HTML output will be as clean as the example below.
<section class="myclassonly"> ← for section only
<div class="myclassonly"> ← for container, block and div
*Or no classes at all until we add one.

I want something like this for my site especially when I custom-build a search form for a directory site (the standard search form doesn’t meet my requirements).
"I’m avoiding using a 3rd party search plugin.

Output when I custom build a searchform with div(since there is no input elements)
<form class="brxe-div" role="search" method="get" id="searchform" action="/">
<input class="brxe-div" type="text" name="s" id="search" placeholder="Search Companies or Industries">
<select class="brxe-div" name="location">
<option class="brxe-div bricks-lazy-hidden" value="">All Locations</option>
<button class="brxe-div" type="submit" id="searchsubmit"><i id="brxe-grxgcn" class="brxe-icon ti-zoom-in"></i></button>
*So, I will see those brxe-div in it.

I know that the block and container are display:flex by default. Then it’s display:block for div by default. Since this option can be set in the theme style, they can set such behaviour in the theme style themselves if they want to. By default, it should not have any behaviour. So, the default classes can be dynamically be added.

P/S: If dynamically adding default classes to section, container and block is not doable, please consider do it for DIV element. Div should not have any behaviour(leave everything unset for DIV element including the display:block property) by default until we do the preset in the theme style.