Dynamic tag for product badge "New"?

What is the dynamic data tag for the new products badge? I have searched the academy but couldn’t find it.

Hello, do you have an answer fot that ?

I dont undestand how to get the new badge.

Nope, had to create one with some conditions from the BrickExtras plugin.


Oh ok, thanks for your answer !

Too bad. No info about that badge. Not working for product loops. Weird circumstance. Stating the docs “Here is something that could be helpful” but I will not tell you how to get it haha…

Can you share how you got that “Published” attribute? Custom or AFC? I see no selection in the dropdown covering this.

It seems to only show with the “Products” element. It overlays the word ‘new’ at the top left of the image in the Product gallery view. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to access this if you’ve created your own product loop.

Seems a shame. The Products element is pretty basic so I tend not to use that.

Unfortunately, “new badge” cannot be used in Query Loop at the moment. I hope the bricks team will release a solution for it if possible.