Dynamic data issue? Metabox fields visible in multiple post types

I’ve got a Metabox field group called “hero stuff” with fields like “heading_line_1” and “heading_line_2” in it.

I make that field group visible in mutliple custom post types.

I’m making a template for a hero space that will be used across all of those post types. When i go to put in dyanmic data now in Bricks, iand search for “heading_line_1”, it repeats itself as available from all the post types it is visible in. That doesnt make a ton of sense to me - the custom field groups are not in their nature strictly bound to a post type. But either way, selecting it from a specific post type group in the selection panel for dynamic data in bricks adds something like this:

i select it from the posttype group 1: {mb_postytype1_heading_line_1}

and if i select it from the posttype group 2: {mb_postytype2_heading_line_1}.

And, none of it works.

What am I doing wrong here? I tried using just {mb_heading_line_1), and that doesnt work.