Dynamic data: get/display only specific div containers/class/id from post content?

I would like to create a website for my school that has a collection of teaching materials for students and teachers. Each post intended for teachers should have an exact copy for students, but without background information and solutions for student tasks. I would like to implement this without a login system. Is there perhaps a way to duplicate a post and select which content in detail (e.g. specific div container) should be copied from another post? Maybe with “dynamic data”, post_content and specific classes to choose from? Or is there a way to use PHP or Javascript to automatically hide specific classes when displaying the page for students? I hope I could express myself understandably and I hope someone can give me a hint.

You could always just have one post type and then via categories or some other taxonomy, create 2 templates based on that taxonomy. One template would pull some fields and the other one others. That way, management would be easier I guess since you can edit both in one post since the info is kinda related.

What I don’t get is how students aren’t gonna be able to access the teachers ones if there is no login or anything. Based on my own mischievous times as a student, they will find a way haha. Worst you could do is use css to hide stuff cause there will be at least one to figure out where that display none is set.

You could always just password protect the teacher sites with one universal password. I wouldn’t call that super secure but it’s quick and simple.

As @manc suggests - if you need to hide content from students, you need a login really. You could use a ?var=teacher query var? Then show content ‘condition=dynamic data->query var’
But it’s not very reliable…
Or use it to set a cookie maybe. Then you can look for that cookie to decide what renders (condition->output PHP function)
Generally you could just hide it (element->conditions->show if…) so hide all the answer bits. But students can just right-click to see them.
Better not to render the element at all: Filter: bricks/element/render – Bricks Academy
Then they can’t cheat… so maybe a little PHP snippet to check for query-var, if true set cookie. And a tiny snippet for - if cookie then true - and don’t render unless cookie=true.