DUPLICATE: Trying to submit a new Idea to the Ideaboard fails with "Invalid Nonce" message

Browser: Firefox
OS: Linux
URL: https://bricksbuilder.io/ideas/
Video: Short screen recording that illustrates this issue (free tool: jam.dev)

Tried to create a new Idea for the Ideas Board.
Form is completed ok but on Submit I get a message saying “Invalid Nonce”.
So I assume that the idea was not actually submitted.

Would be nice to have a more positive response to Ideas in general. Currently they just seem to go into a black hole. Perhaps a full list, or at least a list of your own submissions, showing status - Rejected, Accepted, Under consideration etc.

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“Invalide Nonce” means the form was not submitted. This is usually cause by a form being cached. Bricks forms will do the same thing if you are caching them longer than 12 hours.

Thanks. But this is on the main Bricks site.
I opened a new browser, navigate to the Bricks Idea page and try and submit a new idea. Fails when I use Firefox.
However it works if I use a chrome based browser.

I know it’s on the Bricks website. They use Bricks Builder to build their own website. Try clearing the file cache on firefox next time and try it.

Hi Alan,
Thanks so much for your report!

We are already aware of the issue: WIP: "Invalid Nonce" on Contact-Form tho only on the "main/home-page"

You can usually solve the problem by clearing the browser cache.
I’ll close this thread, since it’s a duplicate.

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