DUPLICATE: Placeholder values lost when using custom breakpoints

Browser: Crhome 119.0.6045.159 (Official Build) (x86_64)
OS: macOS 13.0.1 (22A400)


  1. Install theme & child theme
  2. Activate child theme
  3. Activate custom breakpoints
  4. Customize breakpoints with tailwindcss defaults using mobile first approach
  5. design some divs, texts etc on mobile
  6. placeholders are gone in higher breakpoints (grayed out text)

Dude, I always have to go to base breakpoint and memorize what the actual - - - - I did…

Also I would like to use this opertunity to pitch an additional UX improvement. The yellow dot is a quick indicator that an element has set properties. Would be cool to have this dot across all media queries. Maybe use a gray color for the dot if the property is set on another media query and the current media query does not set anything. Would improve the overview.

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Hi Nico,
Thanks so much for your report!

We already have reports (1|2) on the subject of “incorrect/missing placeholder values” and are unfortunately still working on them. Can you please tell me specifically which placeholder values are affected in your case?

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Hi timmse,

from my experience I can tell it’s definitely missing on “width”, “margin”, “padding” etc.
My overall impression though is that the placeholder values are missing on all properties.

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Yes this defect is getting really long in the tooth and has been incredibly frustrating when developing new sites. :disappointed: Really hoping it’s fixed ASAP.

PS - I agree on the suggestion of highlighting changes that exist for the same property in a different breakpoint (also something I’m very surprised hasn’t been added natively yet), I think there’s a feature request filed for that already.

Thank you! Margin and padding are displayed for me, but with reference to the other reports, not particularly correct as soon as you set other values on a larger breakpoint.

I’ll add your report to the existing task and mark it as a duplicate, as it’s basically about the same problem.