DUPLICATE: New dynamic filters do not support Polylang

New dynamic filters do not support Polylang, so it will load the posts from other languages when you filter.


Can confirm this and even worse the issue with Polylang and search results is not fixed yet. I did not activate Query filters yet on and the search result of the default “search” element shows products of all languages in the search result page of the default or user selected language. So one has a bunch of duplicates. The blog posts are not affected by this issue.
I rather see this issue fixed finally than new experimental features…

Also should be noted. I do not know where this dynamic feature should be heading to but I want to see a global search element to be able to be placed in the header and show results via Ajax.

This seems not be the target by Bricks as the search filter elements needs a target query to be defined. How this is gonna work for a search element in the header?

Right now is a nice addon for sidebars but nowadays the search bar is in the header and results are given via AJAX. This works for a long time for Shopify environments. The sidebar has 0 use cases for mobile users that are shopping. Essentially I hide most of the sidebar elements on mobile and I see a lot of folks doing this too. In a short sentence, I see the Energy is put in the wrong direction here.

Hi @Mike8040,

You can hide any element before a search is performed with the ajax search element. Please check my explanation here: https://youtu.be/5oDHG-bTAfQ?si=RVwMek3BjHCtFwf1&t=461

Thanks for your response. Yes I saw that video earlier that day. But I was speaking of the “search” element. I have a search element in the top bar which is pretty common. The customer should be able to search everything from blog post, pages to product entries. Since the new element is experimental I won’t spend time to see if I can set it up. But having just a look at it. This turn out to be a huge task to show results like internal pages, blog post and product entries in a user and styling friendly way as it seems you need to define a query loop as result container.

Next Polylang finding. Filter select. If one aims to create a category filter. Apply on input - Filter. Taxonomy → Product categories (why is there no language indicator? )
Then choosing any category (they will be shown correctly for the language one is in this case - no lang duplicates).
But then after getting the results, the dropdown no shows all available product categories of all languages.

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but what I understood is that: you’d like to see a search element that shows previews of the results using AJAX but when you hit e.g. “Enter” it then takes you to the results page? (since I’m closing this thread as a duplicate, could you please create a suggestion post & tag me there so we can discuss that idea separately from this report)

Noted regarding the second issue, I have added it to the same ticket with this report: WIP: AJAX pagination does not respect Polylang post language when new query filters feature is activated - #2 by charaf

Hi @SpinDreams,

Thank you for your report. This was also reported here and is currently as a WIP: WIP: AJAX pagination does not respect Polylang post language when new query filters feature is activated - #2 by charaf. So I’m closing this thread so we can all have 1 thread that we can follow for updates.