DUPLICATE: Nestable Slider: Custom XXL Breakpoint: Number of Slides not working

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS / Windows / Linux / etc.
Video. Startseite (Builder)


I added a Custom XXL Breakpoint for anything above 1440px - my base breakpoint is still Destkop XL at 1280px.

When I use a Slider (Nestable) it is not possible to set the Number of Slides for both Breakpoints:
I set 3 Slides for Desktop Xl (1280px) and than I set 4 Slides to Desktop XXL (1440px) which is strangely affecting my Desktop XL Number of Slides.

I have the same problem with the BricksExtra Slider and just wanted to check if the problem exits with Bricks Slider: Yes it does! David Browne from BricksExtras writes the following: "The issue with the larger size, with it being above the base breakpoint means it flips to min-width, rather than max-width. It won’t be included in settings, which is watching the base breakpoint and then looking downwards at when to change. "

I hope you can find a solution for this bug.

Thank you

Hi Philipp,
Thanks so much for your report.

The problem has already been reported some time ago, but unfortunately, it still exists:

You can try to flip the number of slides: four on your base breakpoint and three on desktop xxl – that should work (strange enough).

I’ll close this thread accordingly.

Best regards,

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