DUPLICATE: Mobile first: custom css code applied only on desktop breakpoint

Browser: Version 121.0.6167.184
OS: macOS
Video: video-convert-1709210385512.mp4 - Google Drive

Good morning, I would like to point out that I have set the mobile-first mode as indicated here https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/responsive-editing/

I inserted some CSS into the Custom Code of a template (single cpt). Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work, because by inspecting the frontend code (the behavior is the same in the builder too) I noticed that the set rule is only introduced in a certain breakpoint (desktop). Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

P.S. The %root% placeholder was inserted automatically, after saving… I do not need obviously!

Hi Antonio,
Thanks so much for your report and welcome to the forum!

The problem has already been reported, but unfortunately, we have not yet been able to provide a fix.

I’ll close this thread accordingly.

Best regards,