DUPLICATE: Item to Show Nestable Slider Problem on Responsive

Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows
URL: https://exploid.gg


I have a problem with the “item to show” nestable slider.
i have base breakpoint called “desktop”, and i have custom breakpoint called “hd” (please check attachment).

the problem occurs when I set value 6 on item to show in “hd” and I set 4 in “Desktop”, my slider still shows 6 items on “Desktop” according to what I set in 6 “HD”.

PS* on “tablet portrait” and “mobile” everything is fine like what value i set on their item to show

Hi Eris,
Thanks so much for your report.

The problem has already been reported. Please take a look at this thread, in which I suggested a potential interim solution: DUPLICATE: Nestable Slider: Custom XXL Breakpoint: Number of Slides not working - #2 by timmse

I’ll close this thread accordingly.

Best regards,