DUPLICATE: Filter and Load more with Polylang

Hi to All

My first Post and sorry for my bad english
I have a multilanguage website and using Polylang and ACF for custom fields Translated all checkboxes in ACF and if I set Load more or Fiter from Tooday update hi show me all 4 Language options from ACF but Quey Loop is in the curent Language same is for Taxonomy now in Filter is this a Bug or I missing something

Thx for Help

No one from support I send yesterday mail to and nothing sorry but very disapointed

Hi @Richi,

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As shared over email, this is the same issue that was reported here: WIP: Polylang, Infinite scroll in custom query loop and Woocommerce AJAX Add to cart combination.

I’m closing this thread as a duplicate so that everyone can follow the same thread but let’s continue our conversation over email to try and get reproducible steps for the issue.