DUPLICATE: Bricks 1.8.3, Keyboard access to submenu not working with all browsers

Browser: Brave 1.52.126
OS: macOS
URL: https://blueprint.riderworks.dev

FYI: I had a previous bug report - WIP: Bricks 1.8.1, Keyboard access to submenu doesn't work

The Navigation Sub Menu Dropdown is only working correctly in Bricks 1.8.3 for Chrome, Edge, Polypane, and Opera.

Brave and Safari browsers don’t activate the Dropdown. Firefox and Vivaldi doesn’t do anything correctly.

I can confirm the same problems with all browsers and misalignment of chevron/dropdown icons. Bricks 1.8.3 (in 1.7.3 everything is fine).

Forgot to mention, that on my site the submenu is not accessible at all (both on desktop and tablet) and on mobile misalignment.

Bricks 1.8 works with Brave and Safari. Still has problems with Firefox and Vivaldi.

Hey Doug,

thanks for your report.

This is still a work in progress. We will update the initial report as soon as we have fixed this issue.