Does Bricks have CSS Control Features?

I am reevaluating the usage of the Bricks Page Builder with the Automatic.CSS framework and ACSS Purger (Unused CSS Removal Plugin) as an updated stack.

I need these questions based on the provided table answered to determine whether Bricks Page Builder is the right choice for me.


1) Can Bricks create CSS that is scoped to a template (and loaded on pages using the template)?
1a) Does the custom code element add the CSS Inline?
1b) Is there a way to add CSS to a templated scoped CSS file (.css)?

2) Can Bricks load CSS inline and externally (in a .css file) at the same time?
2a) Does the custom code element always load the CSS inline?
2b) How do you add custom code inline and externally at the global scope?


The following table shows each WordPress tool’s capability for editing CSS optimally (as per [Feature Request] Oxygen Builder CSS Control · Issue #3407 · soflyy/oxygen-bugs-and-features · GitHub).

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Global Inline CSS (<head>,<body>,<footer>) Default Behavior <body>,<footer> only (via Template) Yes
Template Inline CSS (<head>,<body>,<footer>) ??? <body>,<footer> only (CODE BLOCK element) Yes with effort (Asset Removal Filter)
Page Inline CSS (<head>,<body>,<footer>) Custom Code — Bricks Academy <body>,<footer> only (CODE BLOCK element) Yes
Global.css (queued on every page) Global CSS Classes – Bricks Academy and Asset Loading Optimization – Bricks Academy universal.css Yes
Template.css (queued on respective pages) ??? No Yes with effort (Asset Removal Filter)
Page.css Not Required Not Required Not Required
Notes Use of both Inline and External CSS at the same time is unspecified. Workflow requires pagebuilder, inspect element of page, and two plugin screens

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