Displaying desired WooCommerce products non-dynamic

Hi bricks team,

In Elementor, we could use the dynamic tag of product image, product title and add to cart and connect it to the desired product. This is very useful. Because we can display the product anywhere on the website non-dynamically. For example, in Elementor we can add button widget and use it as add to cart. But I didn’t find a similar item in Bricks. So it would be great if you add this possibility.

proposed solution :

To achieve this feature in Bricks, it is enough to add product ID support to the dynamic data of image, title and add to cart products.

For example, I’m using a button element and using the following dynamic data for it.


So by clicking the button, the product with ID 6789 will be added to the shopping cart. Please note that this button is outside the query loop or another element such as products.
This example applies exactly to the image and title of the product. It is enough to add the product ID to the desired dynamic data.

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Could you not just create a query loop and do a meta query to filter for the product ID in the settings so it returns only that one? And then enable the disable query merge? That way you can put your elements inside of that?

In fact, this feature helped us to display a product without using query loop. But what exactly does the disable query merge option do in your solution?

This is directly from the academy if that helps,
Disable Query Merge : Turn this on if do not want the query to be auto-merged by Bricks in archive pages, search pages, etc. Usually, you will turn this on for the Query loops in the footer, header, or non-main query.”
So basically it should prevent this element from interfering with other query loops.

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