DISCARDED: How to change the default unit?


Is it possible to set custom default unit different from PX? In several places there was mentioned a work-in-progress feature for it (Roadmap – Bricks), e.g here: SOLVED: Update to 1.5.2 units of measure disappear - #6 by timmse. But the link doesn’t show the idea and the feature cannot be found neither in the ideas, nor in the changelog. I also coudn’t find it nowhere in the settings.

So, what is the status of this feature? Was it released and if so, where can I find this setting?


Anyone? @timmse?

Hi Petr,
Unfortunately, I have to tell you that we had to discard this idea (which is very rare) because it was simply not feasible to handle all potential pitfalls, such as template import (where completely different units may be used).

Best regards,