Digital Marketing Agency Website

Hello guys, just want to share our first brand new website built on Bricks. Our Digital Marketing Service called Lobo and Company.

Any feedback is welcome.

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Hey @lobo

Very nice and clean design! Well done mate!

I am not sure if it was your intention but you have a lot of whitespace at the top and my first thoughts was the image has not loaded… I know that’s not the case but just looks like it on my screen.

But other than that a really pleasurable viewing experience if I was a client. :muscle:

Thanks Michael!
yes whitespace is left intentionally.

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Looks very nice! Stupid question, how did you add the small arrow icon next to the “Services” menu on the top? Is that the icon element?

Thanks for your comment.
The Nav Menu element has an icon option.
Nav Menu icon

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Hello, we are from a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, and we want to re-create our website, Could you guide that if the website on Bricks will be good or not… Website is -