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Desktop and mobile

Is there a way that I can build a standalone mobile version without modifying the desktop version?

Hi Jorn,
you are totally free to style only the mobile breakpoint, but keep in mind that the other breakpoints are still available and still keep their default styling. You cannot disable them and your website is still available on larger screens…so, not really a “standalone mobile version” :smiley:

Best regards,

Hi Timmse,

How can I select to edit only the mobile views? Yesterday in the middle of the builder I put the view on mobile at the top and then adjusted things, but then the desktop version changes too.

What I mean is that on desktop I want to have 3 blog posts side by side, for example, but on mobile I want to have 1 blog post in a column. Otherwise it will be too small.

So on desktop, for example, I want 3 messages next to each other, but on the mobile version they have to be under each other.

Hi Jorn,

please take a look at the Bricks Academy:
There you will find some articles and videos that will help you to get you started.

There is an article and video about responsive editing as well:

Hi Timmse,

Thanks for your message! It’s great that you respond so quickly and come up with good answers.

Very happy with it and I have recommended Bricksbuilder to my colleagues.

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