Customize the content of the post element category filter


I am using a post element in Bricks.

In this case, it is a custom post type made with PODS that has specific categories. But, of all the categories it contains (Andalucía, Madrid, Extremadura, Galicia, Asturias and Escuela de Verano 2023) I want the latter –Escuela de Verano 2023– not to be visible, since I am going to use it for another purpose.

I have tried unsuccessfully to hide it from the menu in various ways, but without success. For example, I have tried to do it by CSS and also by adding conditions. In this case, what I get is that no post is shown at all (when what I want is not to only show the term “Escuela de Verano 2023” in the menu) Does anyone have any ideas on this that they want to share?

Thank you

Although not in the way I wanted, which was using the menu that appears when selecting Filter in the Posts element of Bricks.

What I have done is to create a menu that includes the categories that I need, I have then included that menu of categories on top of the Post element of my container and I have created a template Archive of Categories that works very well