Custom Post Types (CPT) and custom fields - what plugin seems to work best with Bricks at the moment?

I’m currently playing around with Bricks Builder by recreating one of my client’s one-pager websites and so far so good. Thinking ahead though for possible future client websites needing more dynamic content (like CPTs and with custom fields), what plugins are you finding works best with Bricks?

I’ve heard that Bricks Builder already natively supports Meta Box? But I can’t find that anywhere for some reason. I know others use ACF and Toolset, and I’ve used Pods in the past with Elementor sites. Not sure how Pods does with Bricks, if any are better than the other in terms of compatibility with Bricks or if they’re all pretty much the same.

Let me know your thoughts and what you use. :slight_smile:

I know that whenever I asked a question regarding dynamic content for WooCommerce, Thomas defaulted to suggesting and providing a quick, helpful, video using ACF. If that helps.

I planned to use Pods for that. As soon as I’ve run my tests I’ll be back to give you feedback.

Bricks out of the box support both ACF & Metabox ( For the majority of simple projects both free versions are capable.

I did buy the metabox LTD on appsumo, however I have a feeling it has a bug with your sitemap, so go back to ACF. This is not a bricks issue as experienced in on Elementor too.

If you prefer PODS or Toolset, get it on the feature request and if enough vote for it, they will at it to the roadmap.

Just realized Bricks lists the ones they are compatible with at Dynamic Data – Bricks Academy - and currently it states the following:

Custom Fields Integrations

You can render much more than just standard dynamic WordPress data. Bricks supports the most popular custom fields plugins such as:

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Pods
  • Meta box
  • CMB2

Hello @d19dotca,

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Yes, Bricks supports ACF&ACF Pro, Pods, Meta Box and CMB2. Toolset support is on the ideas board.

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