Custom Breakpoints

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It’s more of curiosity, in Bricks 1.5.4 there is a setting to enable “Custom Breakpoints” it is listed as experimental, however it is a feature I really need for my new project. I have tested the feature on a test site, am happy with it’s functionality as is, and confident in enabling the feature, even though not recommended for production.

My question is then I reviewed the roadmap, to see if there was any mention of it’s progress and did not see custom breakpoints listed. Do you have an idea of which release you may be intending for the custom breakpoints to leave “experimental” status?

Thank you

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Same question here. It is now 1 month later and still flagged as experimental. The “do not use mobile first in production” warning is there too. What are your experiences with the feature until this day? @RisynOne

I’ve started using it and so far I have only found a few bugs, but nothing major. IMO it’s production-ready.

But yeah, it would be nice to know the progress on this feature.

The only issues I’ve had are switching to mobile-first after starting a project (you need to manually move the desktop settings to mobile), third-party element previews don’t quite work (but work in the frontend), and the pseudo-class bug.

Other than those issues, it has worked as expected!

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Yep. At this point, we just gotta start using it so we can find the bugs and report them. I’ve reported about 3 so far, all related to mobile-first and custom breakpoints.

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