Custom Action after form : not working at all for me

hey all,
I’m stuck trying to get Bricks form to call a custom action on submit.
i’ve got a feeling I’m missing something obvious.

i’m using Script Organizer and i’ve added a custom action, using the examples given in the Bricks docs : Form Element – Bricks Academy

my script doesn’t seem to be called at all.

i tried taking the full example #2 where it sends a 2nd email out when a form is submitted.
the only change i made to this example was to the recipient email.
i added ‘custom’ to the form actions in the builder.

when i send the form, the custom action doesn’t seem to be called.
the other form actions work fine, the main email is sent.
i’ve tried changing the code in the action so that it prints to the error log, and using other methods of sending out a mail , but nothing gets triggered.

i also have bricksforge installed and i’ve made the form using their pro builder, but the docs indicate that it uses bricks itelf for form actions.

any suggestions as to why this isn’t working for me?

ok, it turns out I’m an idiot…
Script Organiser code blocks need to be set to ‘trigger everywhere’ if they are actions or hooks, rather than just PHP code…

so, all working now :slight_smile: