Crocoblock plugin support


Crocoblock gives a nice discount for black friday, but before buying their plugins, I would like to know which ones are supported by Bricks and above all, do those which are already supported by bricks work properly without bugs.
Or is it better to work again this year with the ACF plugin and CPTui

Thanks for your answer :blush:

Not sure if you already know it, there is also ACPT as an alternative to ACF and (I think) CPTui

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JetEngine is compatible with Bricks, some features are missing but they are working on that. They announced that JetEngine and JetSmartFilters will be fully compatible with Bricks

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This is from Croco:

Andrey Shevchenko


Thanks for the feedback. As for your questions:

  • Bricks dynamic tags inside listing - this we’ll try to fix until 3.1.0 stable release.

  • Reducing amount of the DOM elements generated by Crocoblock widgets is in the roadmap for the future releases. We already started some work on this, but it related to a lot of backward compatibility issues, so it was moved to 3.2.0 update (mentioned issues are independent to the used builder, all related code a builder-agnostic, it just accepts some arguments list and rendering HTML based on these arguments)

  • Comaptibility with native Bricks loop and filtering of this loop are also in the plans for the future. This is mainly related to amount of the work need to be done. I hope it also will be added with 3.2.0, more info I’ll can provide after 3.1.0 release, when we’ll start 3.2.0 development cycle. As you see we anounced integration a pretty long time ago and all this time taken to integrate basic parts of Croco into the Bricks. I totally undrestand that someone wants other functionality will be implemented first, but from technical side and long-term perspective we need to start integration from basics and than extend it with more features. Even with this part we faced with some issues which was not so easy to resolve. More integrated components at the same time - more issues, more potential bugs etc. So sorry, but more deep integration will be done step by step, not at once. The same way we walked with Elementor at start, the same way we walking right now with Blocks editor, the same will be with Bricks

Again, thanks for the feedback and let m know if you have any more questions

@tole011 from what I understand (sorry I speak French). We will have to wait a little longer before it is 100% compatible with Bricks. But good to know that a team is working on it, it’s already a very good start :ok_hand:t3:

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