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I recently built up the courage to share this website with the fine folks in the Unofficial Bricks Builder server on Discord and now that the bandaid is ripped off I thought I might come here to f̵i̵s̵h̵ ̵f̵o̵r̵ ̵c̵o̵m̵p̵l̵i̵m̵e̵n̵t̵s̵ get some more feedback.

This is the first website I have made in nearly a decade (I am primarily a print/layout designer and given the overall lack of animation on this site I fear it shows). It’s also my first website made using Bricks. Please excuse sloppy practices or rookie mistakes – I am slowly cleaning up after myself (suggestions and clues as to what those mistakes are though would be very welcome).



I’m not able to scroll on the homepage on iPhone / Chrome. Have you tested it for mobile?

On the homepage not all of the options fit so it’s just cutting off some of the options.

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Hmmm interesting. I’ve tried fixing this one a few times. I’m having trouble getting the layout to adapt to Safari on iOS. The ideal is the content on the front page resizes so the user never needs to scroll but for some reason I can’t get the viewport to adapt to the safari tab bar. I’ll keep looking at it though, thank you!

When I open it, the logo is missing. Looks like you are using Shortpixel AI. That’s probably the cause.

Also, missing a favicon.

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Thanks for the heads up! That should be fixed now. Much appreciated :blush:

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