Creating Custom Login Portals

Good day,

I’m a seasoned dev who builds systems from the ground up front/backend (react/vue/nodejs/php). Lately, I’ve been doing WordPress work and decided to invest in bricks.

My question is, how would one go about creating custom portals for users? i.e A system which allows users to upload images when logged in, allows them to manage their uploads?

Outside of WordPress I’d effectively set up authentication on the routes, permissions etc.

In WordPress and more specifically Bricks, would I just use conditionals and custom hooks to intercept and save/display data, what if I’m using a custom database table and not the usual CPT approach am I able to bind that table back into templates/pages with bricks? Is there an accepted best practice


I would use ACF forms:

In my eyes, it is one of the most underrated functions of ACF.