Creating a parent / child relationship between content types and looping through with ACF / Bricks

I’ve searched and seen a couple of examples close to this but not the same.

I know this is a common question and probably easy to do. I figured I would ask, maybe someone can help or point me to a previous post/article that helps.

Example - I have a custom post type (CPT) e.g. Book. I want people to click a button on that listing e.g. ‘Add a review of this book’. That can take them to a fluent form or new CPT post, or similar, to add a review of the book. I need to carry the Book post ID over so a relationship is established between the Book and the review.

Then I need to show the Book page and then have a loop of all the related Reviews under it.

Really common but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Happy to sponsor someone to help.

I am guessing the loop function can help and maybe I just need to create the relationship between the two CPT?