Create author archive page?

I’m definitely having a mental blockage somewhere.

I am creating a very simple directory of wordpress users. I have extra fields set up through Metabox. All good so far.

I have created a loop that shows “cards” for each member. I want website visitors to be able to click on the card and find out more about that member.

I’ve looked around this forum and found a few ideas but nothing seems to work. As far as I understand it, the actual URL I need to get to is…

I have found {author_name:link} and have tried setting it up as an external URL link but that doesn’t get me to the end point either.

Can anybody help?

Just done a bit more digging and according to the bricks academy the only author fields you have available are…

{author_name} – Returns the post author name {author_bio} – Returns the post-author biographical info
{author_email} – Returns the post author email {author_website} – Returns the post author website
{author_avatar}` – Returns the post author avatar as an image tag (text) or an image url (link)

I can’t use any of those to get to the author link I need, it needs an additional… {author_username}

Everything works

You can display everything related to the user/author

You misunderstand my problem.

I need to be able to get the link to the author archive from inside a query loop.

The problem is not displaying data on the author archive template. That works fine.

Do you need to get a list of the author’s posts or get a link to the author’s page?

I need to get a link to the author’s page.

So, you need to get on the page of the post a link to the page of the author of this post, right?

I have a page showing member cards in a query loop.

I need to link, from that member card, to the author’s page on the website.

The actual link is

Where “xxx” seems to be the WP username of the author.

The “xxx” is the bit I cannot get my hands on.

One more question. These cards are profiles of users who registered themselves?

upload this template here

Just curious. Did you get this solved?
I am in the same boat…