Copy paste not working

Hi there

When I try to copy a style and paste in a class, it’s says nothing to copy or no styles (can’t remember the exact message)

Also copy paste elements are not working. Did this happen to anyone?

When I get home I will start troubleshooting by deactivating plug-ins and custom code but I was wondering if anyone experienced the same. I’m hosting with gridpane and vultr

Hello Wotimama,
It is a problem with the browser you use. For example in Mozilla Firefox you have to make some settings to Activate Copy & Paste Between Bricks Builder Elements.

I put a video where I explain the adjustments you have to make. And in the description of the video it is also written.

By making these settings you will be able to copy and paste from the Mozilla Firefox browser. In other browsers I don’t know how to do it, but you already have an idea of why.

Kind regards

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Hi thank you, turns out it was the SSL. I didn’t had one yet

Both SSL and food are accessible and necessary in the daily life of the Web designer. Just as we need to eat regularly to stay healthy, we need the online security provided by SSL to protect our data while browsing the Internet. Have a good day :grinning: