Copy & Paste Interactions and Conditions

Please can you add" right-click to copy" Interactions and Conditions?

For example, we can “right-click to copy elements” in the main structure to copy and paste them elsewhere in the structure or pages.

Ive found myself adding Interactions and Conditions after I’ve built the page(s) and sometimes I need to use the same functions in multiple paces. I’d love for the ability to be able to just right-click, copy and then paste where needed.

Or if somebody can advise of a better way to do this?



+1 for this. I often find myself recreating interactions on in multiple templates. Definitely a quality of life improvement.

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+1 for this too. I think you can do something similar with global classes. Add a global class and add a conditionr/interaction to it and they will be sticked to the class and you can reuse it but I also think a simple copy paste is necessary because the lack of flexibility to edit a parameter or configuration

100% - On a big project now and its painful having to do this manually

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For the love of God, ADD THIS!!

@timmse One possible implementation could be to use the Interaction ID as reusable on multiple elements requiring the same interaction.

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Maybe it would get more attention if people voted for it on the Ideas board.
Currently only at 210.


Done! Thanks for sharing.

Strongly agree. This will be handy. Upvoted.

Yes please, This would be very helpfull!

Voted for this - it would be a great help when doing condition and interaction-heavy sites.

yes I always need for this too

copying interactions/conditions dom to dom
element to another element

Guys consider Advanced Themer till Bricks Team will implement this feature to bricks core :slight_smile:

Now with LTD

:smiley: no paid promotion

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