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I’m current Head of Web Development at this Company. I used only Bricks to built the site, apart from the forms which are built with Fluent Forms. I’ve not polished off the SEO side yet but the site is pretty much finished.

Please let me know what you think. If there are any problems you come across, or any improvement/suggestions that I can take on board. :grinning:

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Site looks pretty good. I would suggest to add some indication to the menu that 2 first menu links has child elements. It was a bit of suprise form me when mega menu disapeared when I move mouse over third element.
I would add a transition between showing/hidding mega menu (menu looks good). Reconsider toning down a bit with movement on the site. It was difficult for me to focus about the text when video was playing in the backgridn with so much changes (hero), then you have spilling numbers (veeery fast), then 2 more videos werefighting for attention when I was trying to read headlines.

You already have some colors (nice color selection) so there is many different focus point. And last - you have 2 sections with the same recent posts one over eachother